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1 hour healing
in person or distant
£99 Investment

Ryan Greenwood works with  Love and Love only in the healing sessions. He applies this force to clients which, during the session removes as many controls, limitations, fears and lower energies that the client is prepared to release at that time.

Each session will be unique to the individual and bring up whatever needs to be deleted and healed within. The deeper the individual is ready to go, the more revelatory the healing will be. The individual also needs to understand that they are the healer! Ryan plays the role of the Alchemist, someone who can move and transform the energies the individual is ready to heal within.

Ryan’s clients range from individuals, whom feel they are new on the path, spiritual teachers and gurus, to the deepest of the deep.  All will be given the focus and level of wisdom required for their next step.  

​These hands on healing sessions are delivered in a relaxed environment, with soothing music.

You are advised to spend an extra 30 minutes after the session in the lounge area with a hot drink afterwards to ensure you fully come back into physical presence.

It is advisable that once your session is booked, you write down some focus for the healing (the good, the bad and the ugly).  Many clients find that once the session is booked, your life already starts to shift in incredible ways in preparation for the healing. 

Clients report great changes in their lives after a few sessions.  Some even after one session. Here are a few comments from 2017 so far.

“I’ve been in a bubble of bliss for over a month, the third session with you definitely got to the root of something so dark & deep within me, just like you said it would to me on the first session.”

​ The session can be in person or sent as a distant session anywhere in the world. 30 Minute distant support sessions can be booked if needed after the first session.  

Contact Ryan direct to arrange a session