REIKI HEALING - Manchester Yoga Central


Reiki Healing

£45/60 min

Available Monday- Friday

A Reiki treatment works with your own natural energy system to remove any physical or mental blockages to promote self-healing and restore a more peaceful sense of well-being. During the Reiki you will lay, fully clothed on a treatment bed and the therapist will place her hands at various points on or above your body and send the energy to release negative energy, pain or stress and replace it with ‘the good stuff’. Reiki can help us release these blockages and support positive changes through relaxation, stress reduction and bringing balance to the mind and emotions to create a calmer response to life’s challenges.

To book one of our therapy treatments get in touch: or call Sharon on 07403 321453  your preferred therapy, day and time.

All our therapies may also be available on other days and weekends upon request.


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