Katey Roberts - Manchester Yoga Central

Katey Roberts is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Author of a poetry book ‘What Love Told Me’ (available on Amazon) She will be giving Reiki treatments at Manchester Yoga Central, as well as Indian Head Massage – which is also available in combination. A Reiki treatment works with your own natural energy system to remove any physical or mental blockages to promote self-healing and restore a more peaceful sense of well-being. Reiki help if you are experiencing any of the following: – stress, exhaustion, pain or depression. – blocked or supressed feelings and emotions – areas in your life where you are ”stuck” and feel unable to move forward – restrictive mental attitudes which may be holding you back in life – energy imbalance or difficulties sleeping Reiki can help us release these blockages and support positive changes through relaxation, stress reduction and bringing balance to the mind and emotions to create a calmer response to life’s challenges. It is a complementary therapy which works alongside conventional medicine for the highest good of the individual. Most people experience complete relaxation during a session – some clients feel totally rejuvenated and ready to go afterwards. Some may feel emotional and some may feel nothing but will have enjoyed relaxing under a snuggly blanket! Whatever happens for you during a session will be right for you You may notice improvements to your situation or well-being after one session of Reiki, but it is usually more effective to have a course of regular treatments. Reiki Treatment: £50 (1 hour session) Indian Head Massage: £35 (40 minutes) Combination Treatment: £50 (1hour) This price includes Empathy Coaching before and after the session. Want to learn to give Reiki yourself ? I am also a Reiki Master and can conduct attunements for Level 1 & 2 for those who would also like to learn to give and receive reiki themselves. I would advise that you meet me beforehand and experience Reiki from me before you decide to enrol, as you will need to feel completely comfortable with a potential Reiki Master. The training lasts for a whole day and at the end of it you will be able to carry out Reiki yourself and treat others. Please be aware that learning to do Reiki has a habit of giving you a bit of a kick-start, churning up your current situations and old patterns and directing you to the path to finding your life purpose ! It’s an interesting ride that’s for sure !