Zena Holistic Practitioner - Manchester Yoga Central

‘It is a true honour being part of facilitating others on their healing journey; to guide them to support their own system to bring release of issues or patterns presented and to enhance well-being, integration and self-empowerment . I aim to help people open more to their greatest potential and authenticity of self’

ZENA has over 26 years experience as an Energy Medicine Practitioner trained in several modalities and graduated with an BSc (hons) degree specializing in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in 2001 and also studied at the Tianjin Hospital in China.

Since Zena’s own healing journey with a deeper initiation in 2000 Zena has continued to follow her path, healing and purpose with integrity, embracing the power of gentleness and her heart and love of the meridian system leading her to energy psychology (EFT & Mindfulness based Inner Repatterning) Zena also spent 7 years working on the front line for adults in crisis.¬†Zena works intuitively and brings a grounded clarity re how energy works in the body and its effects on all levels of well-being; physical, mental and spiritual.
At Manchester Yoga Central Zena offers the following treatments:
Mindfulness based Inner Repatterning
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Bodywork massage (Includes aromatherapy oils and acupressure)
Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear candling)
Zena is also a Kambo practitioner and runs Sacred Cacao Ceremonies offering these services in the North West and in Portugal.



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