Sun Power Flow £7 (£6 Conc ). Weds 7.30pm - Manchester Yoga Central

Sun Power Flow £7 (£6 Conc ). Weds 7.30pm



Drawing from several disciplines of yoga, Sun Power Yoga marries the heat and mobility of flowing between postures with the stamina and flexibility of holding strong alignment and giving space to deepen into positions and really connect to the breath.
Following the traditional structure of a Sun Power Yoga class, there’s a short meditation and/or breathwork session at the start followed by a more flowing physical portion to generate heat, strength and to get the body moving, finishing off with longer holds to develop flexibility.
Max tries to inject aspects of his other physical pursuits into his classes, so expect different elements of fitness, calisthenics and yin yoga to work their way in too.
It’s an all-abilities class with no pressure (unless you want it!) and provides a sweet mix of a lot of different types of yoga, so come along, enjoy the playlist, get smiling and do something for you.

This class is taught by Max.

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