Mandala Flow £8 (£7 Conc).Sat 8am - Manchester Yoga Central

Mandala Flow £8 (£7 Conc).Sat 8am

Mandala Flow
Mandala Flow is a vinyasa based class linking breath and movement together in a deep and conscious way, allowing us to express ourselves and our body freely on the mat. The sequence will move you around your mat in a spiralling motion, allowing you to layer upon the movements  and connect more to our breath and the spaces that we have available within us.
Mandala Flow is an elemental practice and each time that we step on to the mat we will be exploring a different element; it’s energy, it’s chakra and meridian line and it’s corresponding body part. The class will begin and finish in yin, both to activate and harmonize our practice and elemental theory.
This is a deeply meditative class, allowing you to explore your own expression of movement within a intelligent and fluid sequences.The class is suitable for all levels, however some experience of yoga will help you dive deeper into the flow.
This class is taught by Sophie-Rae Martyn

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