Vinyasa Flow £7 (£6 Conc). Thurs 6pm - Manchester Yoga Central

Vinyasa Flow £7 (£6 Conc). Thurs 6pm


Join Chloe on Thursday evenings for a mixed level Vinyasa flow class. In this one hour class students will coordinate movement with breath, enabling them to flow from one pose to the next, and bring consciousness to both the present moment and to each individual movement. Throughout the class you can also expect to find elements of stillness where some asanas will be held for a few breaths; in this stillness Vinyasa is embodied in the continually moving beat of your heart and inhale/exhale of your breath.

This class will push you both mentally and physically as the breath initiated movements build strength, flexibility and balance, whilst also connecting every action of our lives with the intention of moving towards what is most important to us. Chloe creates a safe environment where students can move freely, feeling reconnected to themselves and empowered by their practice, whilst also being guided through the inhales and exhales additionally making this class a perfect introduction to yogic breathing.