Yoga for Happiness and Health. £7 (£6) conc'. Weds 12.15pm. - Manchester Yoga Central

Yoga for Happiness and Health. £7 (£6) conc’. Weds 12.15pm.

This class is suitable for all levels and abilities, including those new to yoga.

The classes incorporate all the elements of classic yoga to assist us in our modern lifestyles and to help us benefit from the improved wellbeing, associated with the practice of yoga. The aim of the classes are to develop and improve our physical health, re-connect with our inner self and move towards the lasting inner happiness that exists within us. 

These weekly classes include a variety of yoga styles and techniques to; unblock our energy channels using yoga flows, techniques to boost our energy levels, breathing and quieter practices to reduce stress, postures to increase strength and stamina, stretching to develop our physical flexibility, postures to improve our digestive health, practices for relaxation and working with the energy centres to boost our immune system.

All sessions will start with a short centering process and a relaxation at the end of the session. The sessions include classic poses and modification, yoga sequences, concentration and meditation techniques and incorporate some yoga philosophy in the theme of the session. Along with the use of breathing techniques, mudra and mantra, the classes are aimed to cover the aspects of traditional yoga practice, but which are easy and fun to include in our everyday life.

In our current lifestyles we are constantly stimulated by outside information, especially through the latest technology. The classes are structured to not only enhance our physical wellbeing, but to also help us connect to that stable and peaceful place within ourselves.