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Nikki Hambrook

Nikki is currently on maternity leave following the birth of her second child, Jasper. However she remains very much involved in the background and administration of Manchester Yoga Central. We very much hope to have her back teaching at MYC soon.

Nikki’s classes offer thought our flowing sequences with detailed alignment instruction and emphasis on staying mindful. Her mission is to hold the space for her students to experience other facets to their being apart from just being trapped in the mind layer. She is passionate about using yoga and meditation techniques to access the subconscious in oneself, a place where all healing is possible.

Having started her career as a professional dancer, Nikki enjoys integrating the flow and creativity of dance into her teaching. It was however the desire to help others which has led her down the path to become a yoga teacher and Shiatsu practitioner. Nikki qualified as a yoga teacher 9 years ago at the prestigious Byron Yoga Centre, Australia specialising in Hatha yoga.

She continued her studies gaining qualifications in Ashtanga yoga in Kerala South India and training in Reiki to Master level. She feels privileged to have further trained under the greats: Sarah Powers in Yin and Yang Yoga and David Swenson in Ashtanga yoga. Enhancing her yogic awareness with the tradition of the Vippasana Meditation on 10 day silence retreats.

To compliment her teaching of yoga, Nikki also practices Shiatsu and continues her further study in Chinese medicine and the meridians. Her particular brand of yoga includes acupressure and postures that help stimulate and heal areas of the body.

Nikki was involved creatively in the start of Victoria Warehouse 4 years ago and her vision and intuition greatly enhanced the work she has given to the interior design of the space. The Indian influence and interior design you see within this Grand Warehouse has been created by Nikki. Helping her partner David create his dream whilst he helped her on the teaching and healing path she has taken.

“ Yoga has helped me in so many ways, I can now feel and accept the parts of myself which I pushed away allowing me to become more whole and reducing my underlying anxieties. The practices I have had the privilege to learn have not only renewed me but the knowledge I have gained has changed my perspective on life forever. So much so, that my passion to share this with others I feel will never tire.”

Nikki Hambrook

Nikki Hambrook

Yoga teacher